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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
The Answers

Have some questions about booking your wedding with Marcus Weddings? Take some time to browse the Answers to our Frequently Asked Questions, and someone will be in touch within one business day of your submission, so relax!

Payments & Fees

What is the payment schedule?

A non-refundable deposit is due with the signed contract. Six months prior to reception date, 50% of your hosted spending minimum is due. The week of the wedding, five business days prior to reception date, your final guarantee is due. Based on that number, we will compile your final costs and then subtract the deposit and 50% interim payment for a final bill. The final payment is due three business days prior to your event.

Am I responsible for the guest rooms my guests book?

You are not personally responsible for the guestrooms held in your block. Thirty days prior to your wedding, any rooms not booked are released back into hotel inventory. The date is referred to as the cut-off or release date. If a guest should book a room and then have a change of plans, and forget to cancel, their credit card will be charged. You will not be responsible for that.

Why the Service Charge?

The service charge takes care of the gratuities for all of the staff servicing your wedding celebration. The night of the wedding reception, there is no out-of-pocket tipping expected.

Food & Drink

Do I need to pick a package or menu when booking my wedding?

When booking a wedding at any of our hotels, we do not require you to preselect a package or menu. You will be committing to the date, the ballroom, the hosted spending minimum, the number of guestrooms in your block, the guestroom block rate, and any other items unique to your wedding.

Can I select more than one entrée option?

You may select multiple entrée options for your guests. There will be an upcharge for this service. And, the hotel requires place cards designating each guest’s entrée selection. You will also have the option of a Kids Meal for those ages 3-12. And, a Young Adult meal option for those ages 13-20. The Young Adult meal will include all of the options of a regular adult meal, but you will not be charged for alcohol for those guests. We also can make accommodations for those guests with special dietary needs such as nut-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.

Do I have to have a wedding cake?

You may have any type of wedding dessert you wish from a licensed baker. There are no cake cutting charges. If you have a different type of dessert such as cupcakes, we will plate and serve them individually to your guests, or put them on display for guests to serve themselves. If there is not dessert at all, the complimentary cake cutting fees hold no monetary value.

My Event

Will my reception be the only event in the hotel?

We have multiple ballrooms in each of our hotels. Each is unique in size and décor. If there is more than one wedding per night, each wedding is treated as the once-in-a-lifetime experience it is. You will not share bars, bartenders, or waitstaff with other events.

How much time do vendors have for set up?

Your vendors will have 2-3 hours prior to your reception start time for set up. If we can get the ballroom ready sooner, we will let them know that. Set up and tear down times are not part of your reception time.

Do you offer parking?

Each hotel has a secure parking structure attached to the hotel. Guests will pay for parking in the structures. Parking is based on availability and not guaranteed.

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"I loved having my ceremony and reception here! Almost every guest commented on how it was the best wedding they had ever been to."