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Marcus Weddings Policies and Procedures

Marcus Weddings Policies and Procedures

A non-refundable deposit is due with the signed contract. If you cancel your event, an additional cancellation penalty will apply.

All ballrooms have minimum food and beverage requirements. If the minimum is not met, you will be charged the difference as a room rental fee. This minimum does not include cash bar sales, audiovisual, tax, or taxable service charge.

A final count is required five business days prior to the event. This is firm and not subject to reduction.

The hotel will be prepared to serve up to two percent over the guarantee.

Full final payment is due three business days prior to your event. This must be in the form of cash, cashier’s check, or money order.

A 22% service charge, which is subject to tax, is added to all food, beverage, and audio visual. Current sales tax is 6.1%, which will be added to all food and beverage purchases. 5.6% sales tax is added to audiovisual.

Menu prices are subject to change without notice. Firm food prices can be guaranteed forty-five days prior to your event. Wedding arrangements must be made 30 days prior. With the exception of the Wedding Cake, which must be provided by a licensed baker, the hotel prohibits serving any food or beverage not purchased by the hotel.

If two entrees are selected, a $2 per person fee will be added to the price of the package. Three selections will increase the price by $3 per guest. We do not recommend more than two selections. This does not include special dietary meals such as vegetarian, vegan or allergy related meals.

If more than one entrée is selected, you must provide the breakdown of the entrées at the time of the final guarantee, as well as individual place cards indicating entrée choice.

The hotel is not responsible for any lost, missing, or stolen items. It will be your responsibility to remove all items brought into the hotel at the conclusion of the event.